BBB's 3rd CD CO'ERRANCES has just been released!!!



Nathanaël BRIEGEL, guitar

Philippe LECLERC, saxophone


Jean-Marc ROBIN, drums

+ Guests:

Cyrille BRIEGEL, bass & Marc PUJOL, percussion



released in December 2006! To order, click here


Founded in 1989 by brothers Nathanael and Cyrille Briegel, "BRIEGEL BROS BAND" is today a trio and/or a quartet, since the tragic loss of saxophonist and band member Philippe Leclerc, deceased last June.

BRIEGEL BROS BAND's music is based on the richness of even rhythm, a "neutral" pulse that allows to develop many different colors and "atmospheres", through blending elements coming from very distinct musical genres such as blues, funk, pop, or Latin-American music.

From all those music, BBB uses the sounds, the rhythms, the harmonies; From Jazz he kept the musical structures, the freedom of interpretation as well as the communication between the musicians.

It is the way the musicians work that "base" out that brings the homogeneity to these varied and eclectic compositions.

Unclassified in style, this U.M.O. (Unidentified Musical Object) called B.B.B. writes an elegant, personal and originally rare music. They are one of the most exciting and innovative formations of the new Jazz scene to which they contributed when it first started about fifty years ago.

 Reference Points:

 Since it was created, B.B.B. has played about two hundreds concerts in Europe and Asia, in different famous towns, festivals and clubs...

 At the end of a tour under the aegis of the French Institutes of Germany, they record their first album "Voyage En Eaux Troubles" (produced by the Lorraine-based label EMD).

 In 1996, the French Music Office (F.M.O.) of New York selects the tune "Play Ballads" to be part of a compilation representing French Jazz aimed at festivals and clubs managers as well as the American media.

 After several concerts in Poland, Japan and Romania the band record their second album "Détours" in 1998. The formation is now composed of the Briegel Brothers with Philippe Leclerc on saxophone, Jean-Marc Robin on drums and Yvon Susini on percussion. Since April 1999, the date it started to be on sale, he has generated laudatory critics and numerous concerts in France, Scandinavia, Central Europe...

 Finally, they recorded their last album in fall 2003. It should be available in spring 2004 and is untitled for the moment. On this one, Apollo Munyanshongore (who joined  the band in 2001) put his groovy bass sound on some tracks together with Cyrille.            

Briegel Bros. Band (live in Piteå - Sweden)


Eivors Hörna in Piteå - Sweden (2000)


Nathanaël & Cyrille (live in Epinal - France)

 Lavoir Théâtre in Epinal - France (1996)

Geijutsu Hall in Kanazawa - Japan (1998)

Briegel Bros. Band (live in Munster - France)

Jazz Festival of Munster - France (2000)

Nathanaël & Cyrille (live in Iasi - Romania)

Iasi  in Romania (2000)

Briegel Bros. Band (live in Debrecen - Hungary)

Jazz Festival of Debrecen - Hungary (2001)

Nancy-Jazz-Pulsations Festival October 2003


Band history

MAIN CONCERTS between 1990 and 2001


STUTTGART / Treffpunkt - ESSEN / Europahaus - MUNICH /Jazz Unterfahrt - ERLANGEN / E. Werk - AACHEN / Ludwigsforum - BERLIN Kulturzentrum Pfefferberg


SALZBURG / Kulturzentrum Nonntal - VIENNE / Andino


MULHOUSE / Festival Jazz - COMMERCY / Festival de Jazz - METZ Caveau des Trinitaires - VITTEL / Festival de Guitare - NANCY / MJC Pichon, Claviers, Jazzforum & l'Arquebuse - STRASBOURG / Le Griot PARIS / Théâtre Dunois, Duc des Lombards & Sunset - REIMS / Flâneries Musicales - MUNSTER / Festival de Jazz - DRAGUIGNAN / Festival de Jazz - ALBA-LA-ROMAINE - TOULON / Café-Théâtre de la Porte d'Italie - MONTPELLIER Jazz-Action - MARSEILLE / Café Julien - NYONS / La Cigale - SALON-DE- PROVENCE / Salons Musiques...


BUDAPEST / Institut Français , DEBRECEN / Westel Jazz Festival - EGER, MOSKOLC, PECS


TSUGAWA / K.Y.Y - TOKYO / Tokyo Big Sight , Dodo Bird - KANAZAWA / Shimin Geijutsu Hall.


CHISINAU / Salle de la Philharmonie Nationale.


OSLO / Soria-Moria - STAVANGER / Club Breivei...


AMSTERDAM / Heeren van Aemstel...


VARSOVIE / Club Rynek & Jazz Jamboree Legionowo - RZESZÓW Club Bohema & Club Plus, LUBLIN / Club Hades - LÓDZ / Maison de la Radio & Club Jazzga - WROCLAW / Club Rura (Jazz Festival) - TORUN / Klub Odnowa - ZAMOSC / Jazzclub KOSZ - CIESZYN / Club Pod Targowa...

Czech Rep.

PRAGUE /  Club Agharta & Festival Mediawave - OSTRAVA /  Club Atlantik & Club Parnik...


BUCAREST / Théâtre National - IASI / Théâtre Luceaful & Salle de la TVR - TIMISOARA / Club 30 - PITESTI / Galeria de Arte

Slovak Rep.

BRATISLAVA / Eglise des Clarisses...


MARIBOR / Judgment Tower - LJUBLJANA / Kud France Preseren


HALLSBERG / Stinsen - STOCKHOLM / Institut Italien - VÄXJÖ / Konzerthus - PITEÅ / Eivors Hörna - UMEÅ / Studion Folkets Hus - LULEÅ / Kultur Centrum Ebeneser - HELSINGBORG / Langvinkels - BÖRLANGE /Jazz at Bolanche...

Radios : France Musique (Tendances hexagonales - Xavier Prévost), RTL, Europe 1 (Jean-Michel Proust), Radio Lódz - Pologne (retransmission intégrale d'un concert), Radio France régionales, radios locales (Radio Fajet, Jérico (Nancy), Pau d’Ousse (Pau), My favorite Things (Lille), Radio Alligre (Paris) etc.

TV : France 3, M6, Images + (Epinal), la chaîne musicale criptée MTV, LaTélévision Nationale Roumaine...

Press : L'Alsace, l'Est Républicain, Kieler Nachrichten, Le Républicain Lorrain, La Liberté de l'Est, Erlanger Nachrichten, Jazz Podium, Jazzman, Salzburger Nachrichten, Super Nowosci de Rzeszów, Hokkokku Shimbun de Kanazawa, Monitorul & Symposium - Iasi, Pitean Norrbottens Kuriren, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Växjö Smalandsposten , Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace…

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