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CD Briegel Bros. Band "Voyage en eaux troubles" (EMD 9401)

CD Briegel Bros. Band "Détours" (EMD 9901)

Nathanaël Briegel, g

Cyrille Briegel, b

Pierre-Alain Goualch, J.M. Albertucci, keyb

William Caremiaux, dr

Laurent Gianez, fl

Nathanaël Briegel, g

Cyrille Briegel, b

Philippe Leclerc, sax

Jean-Marc Robin, dr

Yvon Susini, perc

Nathanaël Briegel, g

Apollo Munyanshongore, Cyrille Briegel, b

Philippe Leclerc, sax

Jean-Marc Robin, dr

Marc Pujol, perc


Jazzman - January 2000 - Francisco Cruz - France

"From Nancy (where they are based) to Japan, the Briegel Brothers plays "party-poopers", confirming they are the top of the Lorraine iceberg as regards of general public jazz. In a rather festive register, the music of this combo eyes willingly towards funk dynamics and Caribbean rhythms..."

Est Républicain - 06/08/99 - Jean-Paul Germonville - France

"The flamboyant jazz of the Briegel leaves a large part and space to improvisation. Once again, the audience is invited to a journey fulfilled with groove and a change of scenery guaranteed. From the flamenco accents of "Mas Cabanis" to the "jumpy" Mister Freshy, this music doesn't need to over do to exist. With a large part left for improvisation, definitely funk accents, the BBB builds over a bed of strings an impressive palette of ambiances that talks without useless "détours" to our senses. The spontaneity of the writing cannot leave anyone indifferent. This music has for itself its subtle suggestivity."

Républicain Lorrain - 06/03/99 - France

"The very homogeneous band uses the sophistication of jazz and the simplicity inherited from rock to transcend its fusional message. The lyrical sax of Philippe Leclerc and the immediate rhythmical efficiency of the pair J.M. Robin (drums) and Yvon Susini (percussions) taking care of the rest. Nathanaël and Cyrille Briegel have assimilated what they learned with major artists in Los Angeles and have obviously found a convenient formula that just might reconcile a very large audience with modern jazz, sorry for the purists".

Jazzman - June 1999 - Renaud Czarnes - France

"The band succeeds in the tough bet that is to express himself into that binary jazz - attention, here is the word: Fusion - without making reference to the "jazz fusion furious", neither to the apathetic of "easy listening". No demo solos, but a very tight band whose influences (funk, Latin, etc…) are as many different colored touches that stains each composition without making it fall into one style or another..."


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